Call For Paper

TOKI 2023

5th edition of the International Conference on Transition from Observation to Knowledge to Intelligence (TOKI) 


Co-organized by ISKO-WA (International Society for Knowledge Organization) and ASMAC (Advanced School of Mass Communication – University of Yaoundé 2)

April 13th – 14th 2023



Digital transformation: a new world of production

Call for papers -

The international conference TOKI2023 "Transition from Observation to Knowledge to Intelligence 2023" is an initiative of the West African chapter of the International Society for Knowledge Organization (ISKO) whose mission is to advance conceptual work in the organization of knowledge in all forms and for all purposes.

TOKI 2023 is a forum that allows researchers and practitioners from the fields of Knowledge Organization & Management, Information Science, Data Science, Information Systems, Competitive Intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, Semantic Web, Natural Language Processing, Interoperable, and Adaptive Information Systems and Health Information Systems to present their novel research findings and results.  Common to all these fields are the concepts of information, information systems, knowledge, intelligence, decision-support systems, ubiquities, etc. The relevance of research findings results obtained, systems developed, and techniques adopted in these research fields for both the industries and government cannot be overemphasized.

This conference held in Cameroon aims to bring the African intelligentsia and their counterparts around the globe to build a corpus of scientific knowledge and be able to serve as a federative platform for all this knowledge. 

We welcome original contributions in the form of full papers from high-quality research in English or French. We would like to encourage papers covering a wide range of fields and multidisciplinary approaches, including but not necessarily limited to the following axes:

Axis 1: Knowledge Organization and Management 

  • Theories of knowledge organization 
  • Knowledge representation and capitalization
  • Knowledge Graph and Semantic Web
  • Knowledge organization and new media
  • Methods and systems for knowledge organization (archiving, information retrieval systems, documentation)

Axis 2: Knowledge organization in the health sector 

  • Knowledge capitalization of COVID-19 endogenous interventions  
  • Health information systems 
  • Knowledge organization in the health industry 
  • Documenting African resilience viz-a-viz COVID-19 pandemic

Axis 3: Techniques, Tools, Methods, Models, and Systems for transitioning from Observation to Knowledge and to Intelligence  

  • Artificial intelligence 
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Territorial Intelligence 
  • Decision-making tools
  • Internet of Things
  • Big Data
  • Data Science
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Interoperable and adaptive information systems

Valuation of the results of the conference

All accepted and presented papers will be published in the conference proceedings. The best papers will be published in the ASMAC review “Frequence Sud”  


Interested authors are invited to specify the axis of their intervention and to submit their complete article from the following link

Key dates

- March 2022: 1st Call for papers

- May 1st, 2022: 2nd call of papers

- September 30, 2022: Deadline for receipt of proposals for papers

- September 30, 2022: Notification to authors

- December 1st, 2022: Deadline for submission of corrected proposals

- March 31, 2023: Deadline for registration

- April 13rd-14th 2023: Conference holding

Registration fees

- Researchers, and academics residing in Cameroon or in Africa: 25 000 FCFA / ₦ 25 000 for members and 35 000 FCFA / ₦ 30 000 for non-members

- PhD students: 15 000 FCFA / ₦ 12 000 for members and 25 000 FCFA / ₦ 15 000 for non-members

- Under graduated Students: 5,000 FCFA / ₦ 5,000 

- International participants outside Africa: 75 €.

- Independent organizations: 50 000F CFA

Means of payment:

- By MoMo or OM for payment in FCFA: 677 723 484 // 655 804 018;

- By bank transfer for payment in Naira and Euro

- 1015381328 - Zenith Bank Plc, Ile-Ife Branch (ISKO-West Africa Chapter);

- IBAN: FR7630004004260000812571685 - BIC: BNPAFRPPNC - BNPPARIBAS

NB: Payment of the registration fee entitles the participant to a copy of the conference proceedings, access to coffee breaks, lunches and gala dinner. 


Scientific Committee

           Scientific Committee 

  • Prof. Fouda NDJODO (IGA-MINESUP)- Computer Science Department – University of Yaounde I
  • Prof. Maurice TCHUENTE, PCA- University of Yaounde 2
  • Prof. MINKOA SHE Adolphe: Vice-Chancellor - University of Yaounde 2
  • Prof. Jean-Emmanuel PONDI V-R Enseignements, Professionnalisation, Développement TIC- University of Yaounde 2
  • Prof. Nadine MACHIKOU V-R Recherche, Coopération, Relations avec le Monde des Entreprises- University of Yaounde 2
  • Prof. Edmond Biloa V-R Contrôle Interne et Évaluation- University of Yaounde 2
  • Prof. Patricia BISSA ENAMA Secrétaire Général– University of Yaounde 2
  • Prof. Moïse MOPOU Conseiller Technique- University of Yaounde 2
  • Prof. Alice NGA MINKALA : Director of ASMAC
  • Dr. Esther OLEMBE, Head of Department – Library and Infomation science (ASMAC)

Members :

  • Pr ABOLO MBITA Christian (ESSTIC)
  • Pr ABOSSOLO Pierre Martial (Univ. Buea)
  • Pr ADEROUNMU Ganiyu (Obafemi Awolowo Univ.)
  • Pr AFOLABI Babajide (Obafemi Awolowo Univ.)
  • Pr NDIBI OLA’A Frederic ( ESSTIC)
  • Pr ARIBISSALA Benjamin (Lagos State Univ.)
  • Pr NGADJIFNA Charles (Univ. Douala)
  • Pr ATENGA Thomas (Univ. Douala) 
  • Pr ATINDOGBE Gratien (Univ. Buea)
  • Dr ODUMUYIWA Victor (Univ. Lagos)
  • Pr BOURRET Christian (Univ. Gustave Eiffel)
  • Dr OKUNOYE Olusoji (Univ. Lagos)
  • Pr BOUZIDI Laïd (Univ. Lyon 3)
  • Dr OLADEJO Fausat (Univ. Ibadan)
  • Pr BOYOMO Laurent Charles (ESSTIC)
  • Dr ONIFADE Olufade (Univ. Ibadan)
  • Pr BUENO David (Univ. Malaga)
  • Pr ZACKLAD Manuel (CNAM, Paris)
  • Pr BUTIN Eric (Univ. Toulon)
  • Pr MBIA Augustin Charles (ESSTIC)
  • Pr DAVID Amos (Univ. Lorraine)
  • Pr NGUEGUANG   Jean François (ESSTIC)
  • Pr FANDIO Pierre (Univ. Buea)
  • Pr BILE olivier (ESSTIC)
  • Pr KOLYANG (Univ. Maroua)
  • Pr MODZOM François Marc (ESSTIC)

For further information, please contact 

- Dr Fleur Nadine NDJOCK 677 378 688 // 699 513 400 

- Dr Colette DJADEU 677 723 484 // 655 804 018 -